Managed IT Solutions. Delivered.

Managed Services

A Gartner study revealed that each unmanaged desktop costs business an average of $4000 a year in emergency services, lost productivity and opportunity costs, with an annual total cost of ownership (TCO) that is typically 42% higher than for managed PCs and 29% higher for unmanaged laptops.

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Technical Support

Our clients rely on our technical support services in order to control the costs associated with growing infrastructure and to have easy access to specialized IT personal, who can deal with issues as they arise, as well as provide guidance to assist with the challenges associated with changing IT demands.

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Hosting Solutions

Organizations strive to reduce the overheads associated with their IT infrastructure by choosing to move their environment to a hosted solution.  There are many benefits associated with deploying your infrastructure in a hosted environment.  Simply put, hosting providers are better equipped to properly address many of the

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